The World is Ours Now

04/27/22 | by daniellestemarie [mail] | Categories: b2evolution
All-Embracing Proclamation by Artists and Friends

No more will we suffer fools of religions and others who practice hatred, pedophilia, discrimination, as double-faced liars, who distort their 'sacred' books of absolute nonsense!

As Ghost said, this is Year Zero. It is not 2022, and we will not hear your ridiculous, non-scientific bull about some person who supposedly lived over 2000 years ago and is able to 'save us" today. There has never been a saviour and there never will be.

We, the enlightened ones who carry art and science in our back pockets, have more common sense in our little pinkies than any religion, political leader, or war mongrel has shown in their entire run over the last million years. We are not tolerating any of your perverted, sick ways of thinking about sin and salvation anymore.

So, know this: this is, indeed Year Zero, where a bright, shining example of the human race shall begin, at least in our hearts and far-reaching minds, on quests for science and rationality. Religions: you have been proven wrong time and time again, but apparently, the majority of you are so dense that you will never grow up.

We care about people, global warming, and the liberation of brainwashed minds. So, whence the start has begun, we hold our hands out to you. Otherwise, you can meet your fate in the muted dirt of your pathetic lives.



Danielle Sainte-Marie Authoress Spotlight at Lulu

11/08/16 | by daniellestemarie [mail] | Categories: b2evolution
Easily find all books by Danielle Sainte-Marie, and when you are ready for checkout, you can just use the 'guest' function if you wish (no account needed)! Free previews of her books, too!
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