Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: Deep Rising

by daniellestemarie Email

This movie is a straight-ahead action blast of a film. Some people are on a ship when something begins to attack them. Super fun, good visuals, and a bunch of solidly silly clichés that you expect in a film like this. Recommended.

Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: An American Haunting

by daniellestemarie Email

Fun movie, with Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek. The subject matter is tough to bear, however. The ending may leave you a tad confused. Well, I can't tell you what it meant here on this review, but write me through this blog and I will. Just know this for now: someone's hidden actions are coming to light...

Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: The Faculty

by daniellestemarie Email

Bebe Neuwirth is terrific as the principal of a school that seems to be brain and body-eating its students. So many standout performances, such as Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall, Lauren Harris and many more. This film is from the guy who brought you Scream. Should I really have to say any more? A rocking good time!

Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: A Quiet Place

by daniellestemarie Email

We watched A Quiet Place last night and found it riveting. It is nearly a silent film, so those with deafness should enjoy it, even in the theatre.I liked that a lot. Anyways, basically it's a film where the slightest sound can kill you, as these murderous creatures respond to sound. We loved it and give praise to the actors and actresses for their realistic, and thus, convincing portrayal. Extra praise goes to former The Office alum John Krasinski for his direction as well.

Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: Midnight Special

by daniellestemarie Email

A sci-fi film that sounds, in its tiny description on the web, as a reboot of Firestarter. "A man and his son go on the run from a government that wishes to harness the boy's special powers."

But, make no mistake. This is nothing like Firestarter. I can't give anything else away except to say that it was one of the most enjoyable films for us this year. Well acted and scripted, this is one to be sure to see, and sit in awe at. It will provoke deep questions, I assure you!

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