Movie Lover's Short Reviews: The Ruins

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Last night we watched The Ruins, a horror film with a few big scares but a whole lot of creepiness! We thought it was great! Some young adults head to an ancient temple, only to find abandoned tents and other, um, er...articles. Why are there townspeople who will shoot them if they come off the temple and try to leave? What's that moving beneath one girls' skin? Why do the plants seem to be talking, or...singing? It's all part of the wonderful mystery of The Ruins!

Movie Lover's Short Reviews: Intruders

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This film was a hoot and a half! An agoraphobic woman cannot leave the house, and yet is rumored to have a lot of cash. Then, some sinister guys show up, including a late appearance by Rory Culkin, one of the murderers from Scream 4. This is going to be tough. But, will it be tough on the sad, lonely woman...or the intruders? Watch and find out! So fun!

Movie Lover's Short Reviews: Would You Rather

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Would You Rather was such a fun horror/gruesome film. A rich man offers cash to those who can complete his sick challenges. The grandma paraplegic was treated like any other healthy player which resulted in big laughs from us (we're sick too, ha-ha). So much fun!

Movie Lover's Short Reviews: Citadel

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This is a great film with one long running metaphor on how you must face your 'demons' in life in order to overcome your fears. It was like Rocky III or Flashdance, or any of another couple of hundred films. So, why watch it? Because we all need to be reminded of this lesson, time and time again, and this film does that brilliantly. Three 'ones' on his apartment door, three of them: husband, wife, and baby; his wife gets assaulted and one of the 'ones' turns upside down. Later, when he lets go of her paralyzing memory, a 'one' drops off the door, and he finds his inner strength. Genius.

Starring Aneurin Barnard.

Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: Intro and The Tall Man

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Do you love movies like we do? Are you intelligent, educated, and knowledgeable enough to find good things about any movie? Are you sick and tired of reading reviews from people who act so pretentious about film, that they come off as downer douche-bags? Well, we are too, so here, you will not find anything negative about any movie, ever. We like everything! I will not be saying things about a movie being 'derivative,'or complaining that it's 'clichéd' or how we 'have seen this all before.' Goddess, we hate that. Don't these idiots realize that the biggest cliché in the movie industry is all their reviews claiming how clichéd everything is?! So, get a new phrase, and hey-- open up your brain-holes and learn something.

When you know your metaphors and mythology, then liking something shouldn't be that hard. You will find short reviews only here-- sometimes just one word, but never longer than one paragraph. Here, you will also not find movies in release date order. I will review them as we happen to watch them.

First film: The Tall Man

Kids are disappearing from an economically depressed area. Some say it's because of a supernatural being called The Tall Man. But, as the film progresses, it's apparent that something much more interesting than some mere creature is going on. And, by the end, you will be amazed and left with some very tough questions about the nature of love versus nurture, wrong verses right. We loved it! Thriller with a brain.

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