Autumn World by Danielle Sainte-Marie

by daniellestemarie Email

Leaves fall to the Autumn Dance,
trees and earth spin romance—
as you and I walk along,
into dusk with some forlorn.

Wind pushes your soft auburn hair,
sometimes I have to stare;
jealous at nature for touching you,
while I wish to do so too.

A chill creeps in,
and you offer your arm in pretend;
yet I latch on, happy to be at your side—
wondering about a life as your wife.

I fall then, but no one catches me,
I am in heartbroken misery!
What can I do, oh what can I do?
You may not love me, but I...

And the night goes on,
I find myself alone and gone—
lost in that brief Autumn World,
when, if only for a second, I was your girl.

(From the book A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I] Deluxe, available now at Danielle

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My Picks for Best Metal Albums of 2017

by daniellestemarie Email

Hello Bangertv and metal fans of other stripes! I am going to give my picks of the best metal albums of 2017 and 2018, right here, right now.

But first, you may ask, 'Who is she and why should I care?' Well, honestly, I don't know that you should care, but let me fill you in on some pertinent details of my life. First, I am a full-time poetess and authoress of over 30 books. My website, will fill you in a bit more. I am the daughter of Jim Morrison, and no, I don't care if you believe it or not. It's very true. Second, I am a world-class martial artist in Ninjutsu, having attained the rank of hachi-dan (8th degree black belt), and I have trained with everyone from Hatsumi-sensei to Hayes-sensei to Bud Malstrom-sensei, and Shawn Havens-sensei. I live on my ranch and have my own private dojo.

But third, and probably most important to all you metalheads out there, I am a lover of heavy fucking metal. I have been in love with metal ever since some of its earliest tunes began creeping into my ears. I started out with Judas Priest's Rocka Rolla, which blew my young mind and helped me understand the melancholia of Winter. I then got into the hard rock of AC/DC, with the song Whole Lotta Rosie being a particular favorite. And, over the years, I listened to and studied it all. Grim Reaper's See You in Hell My Friend was played ten thousand times (don't you know, some young punk vandal spray-painted that in two foot high letters across a wall in Shoreham, NY. Now, imagine that! :-)). Celtic Frost, Death, Satan, Exodus, Tank...the list goes on and on. I have filled my soul with metal. And, Judas Priest? Well, I have their logo tattooed on my left arm, and I own every single album. Does that tell you how I feel about them? And, guess what? I found my way into Primal Fear's Nuclear Fire liner notes. When you're a writer you can help with lyrics, it seems. I also became friendly with Al Atkins, the original lead singer of Judas Priest. We shared some quality time discussing the origins of Caviar and Meths. So, that's just a little bit about me.

Before I get to my picks for the best metal records of 2017 and 2018, I want to remind you to support Bangertv and head over to their Patreon site and make a donation.

For the year 2018, I pick the following:

1. Spectral Wound, Infernal Decadence

This is the most unique black metal album I have ever heard. With dissonance drumming and singing in the background, and the sounds of a hulking, mystical, satanic force rising in the foreground, these guys created something that lies really beyond description. Buy this record and sit there mesmerized!

2. The Ocean Collective, Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic

This band crushed it with this haunting, multi-layered album. We're talking a lush tapestry of different instruments with occasional death growls. This is a record for metalheads who like their music hyper-intelligent, and who just sometimes enjoy kicking back and letting Zen take their thoughts away through music to a wiser, deeper place.

For the year 2017, I pick the following:

1. Satan's Hallow, Satan's Hallow

This band is so amazing that when I first heard this record, I thought I had time-tripped into 1982 and was hearing an album I had missed. Judas Priest and Iron Maiden riffs, big vocals right on the key she's most interested in, and a spooky tale of ghosts. My goddess, this band rips and powers through this album, lighting every song with fire. I cannot wait for their next release. Amazing!

2. Okay, for the final album in this series, I have to go with: Mastodon, Emperor of Sand

Mastodon like to keep it fresh, and experiment. I love this approach, because I do not need my metal to sound the same everytime. I am open to the possibilities of music. This album really was amazing. It had snappy hard-rock-like numbers with intense death metal, all packaged together like a present that would make you bang your head as it strategized on how to eat you. Truly wonderful effort by the mighty Mastodon!

So, that's it, my picks for best metal albums of 2017 and 2018. Many honorable mentions, but if you go back to 2015, pick up Lucifer's Lucifer I, which fuses doom metal and glorious vocals with spectacular song-writing. Lucifer II is also awesome. That is a great band! Okay, see you later and keep your horns flying high and proud!

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Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: Marian, Again

by daniellestemarie Email

A surprisingly good made-for-TV movie about a man whose former lover had disappeared many years ago, only to resurface now at a local store. He tries to talk to her but her once beautiful face is heavily distressed and she simply runs away. Uncovering the why of it all will take the man through hell, and he may possibly lose his daughter as well. Recommended. Great, shock ending.

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Movie Lover's Short Movie Reviews: Dead Body

by daniellestemarie Email

This is a fun whodunit slasher film with a fairly clever ending. We enjoyed it!

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Thanksgiving (The Day of the Blackbirds)

by daniellestemarie Email

The doorbell rings,
and another loved one enters.
Ten more times the chimes,
and our home is a conference center.

We share our joys,
but we also share our sorrows.
By the inglenook blaze with family,
we find and give a shoulder for tomorrow.

A blackbird knocks
at our window to break the spell.
Just one little bird’s dance,
and the heaviness in the room is expelled.

We hear his insistent chirp,
see how he is out among the snow.
And we remember to be grateful,
for the warmth we share of fireside glow.

As he suddenly leaves,
we notice he joins a large flock.
So we look around and smile,
at all the loving friends we’ve got.

Now the food is on the table,
and thanks is what we have in our minds.
Thanks for the food,
and thanks for all its varying kinds.

We are thankful,
for the preparers of this expert meal;
because, the love from the cooks,
has filled our table with their loving zeal!

Everyone partakes!
And our bellies are delightened!
The carrots glaze so tasty,
and the herb potatoes are exciting!

Pass the gravy
and the rolls, won’t you?
they’re very good!
You are always the cooks we turn to!

And while the melody,
of conversation and eating plays,
someone is thinking of another,
and on that being he is intent of gaze.

Yes, there sits a young boy
engaged in deep thought.
He looked at the turkey,
a life that this boy didn’t want forgot.

So, he stood up,
and took some rolls in his hands.
To everyone’s surprise, he headed out,
where ice and snow were the land.

Over to the ledge,
whence the blackbird had said hello,
he crumbled up the rolls,
and set them down to help balance the quo.

He looked up,
his eyes filled with such tears,
and he said, “Thank you, little bird,
and to your kind for all you share.”

Then the boy went back inside,
and one by one,
Each family member took food out there,
and soon a pile was on the ledge, a hearty sum.

Then they all returned
to the living room’s warmth and comfort,
and waited watching the window,
eagerly with eyes of great wonder.

First, one bird,
landed on the bounteous window sill,
and he or she looked at the food,
and then let out a loud, excited shrill.

More birds flocked,
to the window ledge with glee,
and their bellies were very full,
from the giving of a family.

And though their food
on the table was now getting cold,
no one seemed to notice,
the day the birds got some of what they were owed

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