You Ungod God When You Say God Can't Speak Clearly

by daniellestemarie Email

An acquaintance on Twitter wrote: "Any time I saw new changes or 'New Light', I thought man Jehovah must be a liar. Why couldn't he just tell us the truth the 1st time."

Well, this is about Jehovah's Witnesses, who, every time they have a failed prophecy end up claiming to have been in 'spiritual darkness', and that the 'light' (Jehovah’s pure ways) mentioned in the Bible was steadily growing brighter.

I used to tell the JW's, "So, the holy spirit has taken up scat-whispering? You know, the spirit spits out nonsensical words at a low volume now?" "Well," they'd reply, "We were coming out of 2,000 years of Christendom so there was all this darkness." Me: "Yeah, except the Jews were captured for over 2,000 years before that, and yet the holy spirit always spoke strongly and clearly to the old people of the Bible. When the Jews had to deal with Babylonian and then Roman gods, they still heard the holy spirit correctly."

JW's are misguided, brain-washed, and need our help! If you are a JW, THINK about what they are teaching you!

Yes, it's all highly illogical. A supreme being/non-being couldn't help but impart himself in mass measure to whatever he 'touched.' Therefore, the light would have been fully onto the JW's if Jehovah had been anywhere near it. It's like a carpenter leaving his planing marks.

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