You Cannot Hear Another's Reality if Yours Is In The Way

by daniellestemarie Email

It was once said that 'Pride comes before the fall,' and while it sounds correct, it would be more viable if we understood that pride and the fall happen simultaneously. When you are full of pride, you are displaying all your weaknesses to others.

Real strength in this world is not found in competitions with others. It is found, rather, not by becoming strong but rather by diminishing yourself. When you are angry and screaming you cannot hear either an opponent's heart nor a friend's, both of which may need your help. Instead, all you will ever hear is yourself, indulging in your self-righteous pride and need to be 'right.'

I tell myself every day that I am wrong about everything. I don't wish to be 'right.' I seek to be authentic, and say as little as I can, because then, and only then, can I hear my own voice and thus be truly present for the world.

Your anger, sadness, and pride need to be let go of like leaves in a high wind. Be a kitten, not a lion. Lions are hunted, and this you must take seriously and remember. The more you roar, the more you harm yourself.

lion and kitten

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