The Union of your Mind

by daniellestemarie Email

From the One Idea came the two, And from the two came the manyness -


From the One Idea came the two, And from the two came the manyness - Now we have trillions of 'things' All reflecting the influence of the One, If we can look deeply enough - And not be fooled by nature's endearing masks.

There are no such things as ideas or feelings that are spiritual and not physical. The realms of spiritual, mental, and physical are all the same thing.

For instance, your brain is physical matter. It has been sliced and weighed by scientists for a long time. All your feelings first get processed through the brain. And, any spiritual insights you have come from your thoughts, which means from your brain. So, the physical, mental and spiritual are simply one and the same thing. There is no division. Today, try seeing this connection more actively. In fact, it's not even a connection: it is literally all the same thing. It's like a grander picture. Instead of seeing just the moon, now you see the Milky Way Galaxy of which it is a part. And then you expand your vision to see that the moon is part of the universe. And thus, the universe is part of...


Look at physical things today and see them as pure spirit. Try it. Look at your thoughts and prayers as movement of the physical. Then realize these divisions do not exist in advanced enlightenment.

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