The Big Bang Theory and Raiders of the Lost Ark

by daniellestemarie Email

On the show The Big Bang Theory, Amy postulates, after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, that Indiana Jones plays no part in the outcome of the film. Part of this is correct, but she, and ultimately, Sheldon, are both missing a huge point that goes against her theory.

You see, she and Sheldon forgot what Indiana’s role in the film was. He was recruited by the government to go retrieve the Ark of the Covenant because they feared its power and didn’t want Hitler to get a hold of the Ark for his own sinister uses. The entire story is about Indiana trying to acquire (and reacquire) the Ark, which, at the end of the film, he does. If he had not been there, someone else would eventually have discovered the Ark on that island after the antagonists opened it. Thus, Indiana is absolutely essential to the story. He brings the Ark back to the United States of America, and since, in the film, the Ark is depicted as having real power, it can be said that Indiana saves the world.

Sorry Amy and Sheldon, you are both dewy-eyed calves without a bit of common-sense between you on this subject. Raiders of the Lost Ark aficionados can rest easy tonight. Indy is awesome, and so is that film!

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