One of the Best Movies Ever Done

by daniellestemarie Email

This will not be some long-winded approach. I just want to get to the point: the film The Way, Way Back is absolutely brilliant. You will cry at the end every time you watch it. It's about a boy whose mother is a bit estranged from him because her focus is on a horrible boyfriend. She has to learn to get her priorities straight and get close to her son again. At the end she learns just how amazing he is, and how he is so full of life. She never thought this about her son before.

But, what really helps change the boy is his friendship with a guy at the water park, who treats him as a friend and helps him blend in with other people. He does this expertly and the only requirement he has for such a job is that he is simply being himself. This man is Sam Rockwell, absolutely by far my favorite actor. He is amazing, in how he uses his eyes, and body language to always convey something different. He is impeccable. Sam deserves a few best actor nominations already. And, Liam James, you were totally awesome too. You gave your feelings right to my heart. Anyway, watch The Way, Way Back, and be delighted.

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