Interracial Marriage?

by daniellestemarie Email

Let me tell you about interracial marriage: it's a fraud, a sham, a lie, a horrible deception. You see, we on this planet are human beings. Classifying people by different races is just a way to make you feel as though you are not connected to the rest of the world. Instead, you think your camp should only be filled with one color, etc., which, surprise, surprise, is the same color you are!.

What different races actually are: opportunities for learning new things, and seeing how the human expression of different colors, dialects, and ways of thinking are so beautiful, it brings tears to the eyes. All we are is human beings marrying, or dating, other human beings. Love between two human beings (or, in the case of polyamory, many people), is the most beautiful thing in this world. So, forget about the idea of race and get on with the truth: we all have the same feelings, many of the same experiences, and hearts that just want to be accepted. Don't see race, see a fellow human traveler on the same path you are.

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