Hesher and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

by daniellestemarie Email

I have a walnut-wood polished case for 20 films that I deem highly important. I have a large cabinet for all the other films-- some of which I love very much, yet don't quite make it to the case. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the only actor with three films in the case.

The first two are Brick, and Manic. Brick is a dystopian noir masterpiece that leaves you scratching your head as to who was what and what just happened. It's genius. Joseph is in such brilliant form that my artistry aches to ask him just how he transformed into that character. Manic, a film where he plays a young guy with severe bipolar issues speaks to my heart, because I have bipolar level I as well. He got inside my head in that piece, and that's not an easy place to navigate.

The third film is the best. It's an astounding piece of genius, called Hesher. Never has a metalhead been conveyed so realistically and authentically on the screen before (full disclosure: I am a metalhead currently listening to Spectral Wound and The Ocean Collective). Another strange film that has no cellphones and no obvious clues as to what decade we're in, Hesher takes the prize. I was so moved by Hesher that at the end I cried. Here's a young man that seems to have had problems with family (been there), and yet does his dysfunctional best to bring another family together. And he succeeds, in his own crazy way! The character of Hesher should get his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt right next to it. Joseph is going to win 2-3 Oscars for Best Actor someday, and he deserves them. If you are reading this, Joseph, then let me say 'thank you so damn much' for your choices in movie projects. You rule the pack, and I can't wait to see what you do next. Oh, and I just watched 500 Days of Summer last night and it was another brilliant film! Keep going!

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