God= The Ultimate Godfather

by daniellestemarie Email

Once a church religio’s (links up) their god with being the one that can bring desperate humans all that they desire, then the money just comes pouring in. The god becomes a Godfather, a type of mafia leader, and his priests all become hitmen killing the souls (the spiritual lives) of their subjects and making them dependant on an Invisible type of Godfather. They collect money and they offer wealth and abundance in return…but at the cost of your soul.
Now, think about it: the Godfather promises protection for your undivided service to him. But, you will have to do things you do not agree with. This Godfather can be seen as a God that requires your soul for protection (heaven, paradise earth, etc).
But, what happens if you wish to leave the Godfather's graces? Well, eventually, he kills you. Thus, religion equals mafia. Either way, you live your life in fear. The difference is that the Godfather really can have you killed, while the fake 'God in the ether somewhere' cannot.
Hey, at least the mafia is honest about what they do.

(Note: Religio=link up, or link back, a phenomenal being to regular people. This is the meaning of the word, 'religion.')

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