Caffeine (a poem) by Danielle Sainte-Marie

by daniellestemarie Email

Now, I do not drink caffeine at all, but one day when I was in a "religious" person's house, I noticed that the amount of coffee, caffeinated drinks, and coffee supplies he had versus the amount of religious writings and accoutrements, was far outweighed by the coffee. So, I thought, "Why not just make coffee your God?" Then, I went home and wrote this poem.

Oh great God of False Energy, what do I owe Thee?
For, Thy already are the Bean Lord,
With angels frantically serving You in plastic and aluminum.
You, a Great Giver of contrived hopes,
Cunningly dehydrating masses of loyal followers—
How Your people shake at the delight of another headache with You!
Oh Dark God of Nervous Beings, what else do I owe Thee?
For, another morning's drink of loyalty whisks away the frustrations of the night,
And addictively reminds us how happy we are,
To be brainwashed by You.

The poem is in the book A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I] Deluxe, by me, Danielle Sainte-Marie. Find the book at my website: Official Website of Danielle Sainte-Marie, Books Page

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