Autumn World by Danielle Sainte-Marie

by daniellestemarie Email

Leaves fall to the Autumn Dance,
trees and earth spin romance—
as you and I walk along,
into dusk with some forlorn.

Wind pushes your soft auburn hair,
sometimes I have to stare;
jealous at nature for touching you,
while I wish to do so too.

A chill creeps in,
and you offer your arm in pretend;
yet I latch on, happy to be at your side—
wondering about a life as your wife.

I fall then, but no one catches me,
I am in heartbroken misery!
What can I do, oh what can I do?
You may not love me, but I...

And the night goes on,
I find myself alone and gone—
lost in that brief Autumn World,
when, if only for a second, I was your girl.

(From the book A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I] Deluxe, available now at Danielle

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